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Master the English language with us.. 👌🏻 .. from zero to professionalism

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Khaled mohamed
English trainer

You can take part in a variety of free training courses on our teacher development platform.These take place on specific dates during the year.

The courses are three or four weeks long and there are a range of topics, from assessing learners to planning a great lesson. Study at your own pace and communicate with other teachers from all over the world

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Discounted Price: SAR

    This Course Includes
    • One level of English for 5 weeks only for 700 riyals.
    • Two levels of English for 10 weeks only for 1250 riyals.
    • Three levels of English for 15 weeks only for 1750 riyals.
    • Four levels of English for 20 weeks only for 1950 riyals.
    • (Learning in person or remotely through the Zoom electronic platform)
    • ((Advantages offered))
    • International British Curriculum
    • Interactive and direct teaching with the teacher
    • Professional mother tongue English teachers
    • FREE ... placement test
    • Certificates approved by the Ministry of Education for each level
    • Courses designed to fit your goals in the shortest time and in the best way
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